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Offset Lamination B1 (4)

Machines in this category are suitable for lamination of offset outputs in B1 format. They are very fast, built for heavy workloads and non-stop production.

Offset and Digital Lamination B2 (8)

Machines in this category are suitable for lamination of digital outputs and due to their working width for lamination of offset prints as well. They are mostly fully automatic lines with high speeds for heavy duty workload.

Digital Lamination B3 (6)

Machines in this category are specially constructed for lamination of digital outputs. They are mostly semi automatic or fully automatic with working format of paper B3+ and lenght up to 70 cm making them suitable for lamination of outputs from popular digital printers like Xerox iGen4 or similar.

Double-Sided Lamination (4)

For very small jobs running a sheets two times through single sided laminatior is fine. For larger jobs it is better to use machine designed for double sided lamination in one pass. We offer double sided machines in format B3+ and B2+ too

Entry Level Machines (8)

Machines in this category are designed for laminating offset prints. They are manual or semiautomatic with working width suitable for sheets in format B1 to B3. Working speeds are in range of 7-11 m/min.

Optional Accessories (26)

Joggers, semiautomatic and atomatic Pallet Stackers , Winding devices, Modules for paper lamination, Air Shafts, Pressure Rollers, PET Films Lamination Modules, Film Loaders ...