Drupa a Foliant

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 - Friday, 10 June 2016

Drupa a Foliant

Together with celebrating 20th anniversary of first single sided laminating machine presentation it was a keynote of FOLIANT participation at its 5th Drupa.

The most important event of the graphic arts industry, the traditional trade fair Drupa (31st May – 10th June 2016) was very successful for Foliant machines manufacturer and his distributors.
As quite new solutions there were introduced following technologies on the Foliant booth:

  1. Industrial double sided lamination performed at two pairs of master laminating rollers in one machine, presented as the FOLIANT Mercury 530 SF 4x4 Double sided laminating machine.
  2. Foliant Foiler as On Demand spot varnishing application (glossy foil over digital toners)
  3. Foliant Foiler as On Demand spot foiling application (metalized foils over digital toners)
  4. Foliant Lay Flat Photobooks and menus performed as the:
    • In-Line technology, as the in-line slitting, during the lamination
    • Off-Line technology, as the off-line perforation and lamination

All these products increase the utility value of all Foliant products for distributors and their customers and they were found to be very interested for all Foliant visitors. Traditionally Dupa fair was a good opportunity to meet current distributors and customers and open quite new relationships on the markets without Foliant products successful sale. Currently Foliant has more than 60 partners as a distributing companies and they sell Foliant machines in more than 80 national and regional markets.