FOLIANT annual conference

Mlada Boleslav
Monday, 04 April 2016 - Tuesday, 05 April 2016

FOLIANT annual conference

The new products prepared for Drupa by Foliant laminating machines manufacturer and 20th anniversary of the first single sided laminating machine Foliant public presentation was a good opportunity to invite all Foliant distributors to the manufacturer’s Annual Conference.

The conference with workshop took place in Škoda cars museum in Mlada Boleslav. Its 45 participants represented 33 national and regional markets where the Foliant machines are sold. The programme included a guided tour of the traditional Czech cars manufacturer’s museum.

The introduced Foliant print finishing technologies like the digital outputs spot varnishing and spot foiling with metalized foils were found to be a very attractive for the On Demand graphic arts market and Foliant partners confirmed them as a new unique opportunities with a high potential for their sales growing. The technologies were introduced step by step include the practice demonstrations and exercises for best understanding.

The programme included the dinner party on the Loučeň castle with Foliant’s best dealer’s awards:

  1. Best dealer 2015 globally: Intelligent Finishing Systems Ltd, United Kingdom
  2. Best dealer 2015 overseas: Prestige Graphic Trading, United Arab Emirates
  3. Second best dealer 2015 in Europe: Horizon GmbH, Germany
  4. Second best dealer 2015 overseas: Currie Group, Australia
  5. Third best dealer 2015 in Europe: FORMICA CZ Ltd, Czech Republic
  6. Third best dealer 2015 overseas: Info Graphics, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  7. Best jumper 2015 / 2014: Siproudhis, France

The conference was finished with the guided sightseeing tour in Prague for 25 participants, by 11 kilometres long walk in its historical centre.